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Pow Wow’s a Native American celebration
December 13, 2017|Blog

Pow Wow’s a Native American celebration

Pow Wow’s a Native American celebration

On December 9th the Los Angeles Native American Indian Commission hosted it’s 2nd annual Pow Wow in downtown Los Angeles. Pow Wow’s are a beautiful way that Native Americans come together in community and celebration. This tradition goes back many, many years. It is such a beautiful experience with the drumming which to me represents the heart beat of Mother Earth.

Modern day Pow Wows are a blend of various tribes and Native People. The community dances around the arena in a way which has been passed down by the ancestors. Dance competitions are a part of the fun. There are Many different types of dances including Hoop Dance & Fancy Dance. My favorite has always been Fancy Dance.

This time I got to meet “Supaman” a Native American hip-hop artist from Crow Nation in Montana. He carries a positive message and has received many awards for his work.

I was deeply touched that the Pow Wow was in front of Los Angeles City Hall where I used to work. For me personally it brought together both of my worlds.

If you have never attended a Pow Wow you can go to and get information.

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