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7 Steps for Team Success
December 1, 2016|Blog

7 Steps for Team Success

7 Steps for Team Success

When you find yourself in a situation where you are leading a group, where do you begin?

I would like to share my 7 Steps for Team Success.

I have been in many situations were I was the leader of a group and these steps are what has successfully worked for me.

  1. Set Goal (What are you trying to accomplish?)

2.  Assessment- SWOT Analysis (Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunties & Threats)

3. Set deliverables (What are the specific things you are going to do?)

4.  Develop plan (Road Map)

5. Establish Accountability (Who is going to do what? when?)

6. Execute plan & monitor (Follow plan & make minor adjustments if needed)

7. Complete & Debrief (One plan is completed, did you meet goal? What worked & What did not work?)

I hope this information gives you a overview of how to be successful lea dinging your group. Just always remember you

need to be flexible because every group is different and there will always be unforeseen circumstances!


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