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My Cherokee name: Lion Mother
February 7, 2020|Uncategorized

My Cherokee name: Lion Mother

My Cherokee name: Lion Mother

On 2/1/20 I received my Cherokee Name: Lion Mother (tluh-da-ji eh-ji). It was a historic day for me that I thought would never come. Traditionally in Cherokee culture the name is given to you by your Grandmother or other female relative. My Mother has dementia and all other females have crossed over. Earnie L. Frost a Red Fire Priest came to the rescue and allowed the ancestor to work through him. I visited him in the Valley of the Seven Sisters outside Tucson Arizona for the naming ceremony.

Lion Mother is a Protector, Teacher & advisor watching over the people and taking appropriate action for the good of the people. I humbling receive the name and will work everyday to live up to its meaning.

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