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New book has been released
September 17, 2021|Blog

New book has been released

New book has been released

As a part of the launch of Latino/Hispanic heritage month my latest book has been re4leased and it is already #1 New Released on Amazon. Extraordinary Latinas tells the story of 12 amazing Latinas from all over the U.S. available now on*F&c[0]=AT0pu2V11DqDfcOsGW7LIL_TjkyZnNsy4Je9irkzjPtXiTk3hGl1KrMyGstzbxTr083zQ34W8t_A52_QnVkIp07-sA-y5TopDX_zCW0mDC4hplIoViWm10-jPILRcJvEnWeiqUmLV8H75lS0pp4SH7xG6_k

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