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When you give back- you receive.
June 30, 2017|Blog

When you give back- you receive.

When you give back- you receive.

I feel that I am so blessed in my life. I have had so many amazing experiences and have held executive positions which have given me a global perspective. However I must admit that it has not always been easy. I was the first person in my family to attend college and had to overcome many obstacles to get where I am at today. That is why it is so important for me to give back and invest in organizations like “Girls Today Women Tomorrow” (GTWT). GTWT is a mentorship/leadership program which works with young Latinas from the inner city and helps shape them into future leaders. I believe that if these young women are given the guidance and opportunities they will thrive and they do. The GTWT participants are going to college, traveling the world and coming back to their community and making a positive difference.

I started out with a desire to help them and in the process they have helped me. I find so much joy in spending time with these amazing young women it fills my heart with love.

So when you give back- You receive as well.

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