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“Women -Rise to your Power” – Women History Month
March 5, 2017|Blog

“Women -Rise to your Power” – Women History Month

“Women -Rise to your Power” – Women History Month

As we celebrate Women’s History month I have a message to the women

“Women -Rise to your Power”

It is our time & our turn so it is up to us to cease the moment.

Historically we all know women have played a key role in society as Leaders, Mothers, Teachers Doctors and Business Women. Many times going unnoticed. Great example of this was shown in the movie Hidden Figures. A true story of African American women who helped NASA launch rockets into space. Until this movie came out the average person did not know about their contributions. There are many more stories out there of women, which have played an important role and their stories have not been told.

Today in the U.S. women compromise 50.8% of the population and 47% of the workforce. Women owned businesses in the U.S. generate 1.4 Trillion dollars in revenue each year.


So as we celebrate the contributions of women this month lets make a concerted effort to celebrate women each and every day.


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