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You are the Answer
March 7, 2016|Blog

You are the Answer

You are the Answer

You are the foundation of all relationships in your life. If you are happy, you will have healthier relationships. It is that simple, you hold the answer. You are the answer.

So many times we look on the outside for objects to make us happy. Material things can help with temporary happiness. A new car, dress or shinny piece of jewelry can make us feel happy for a few minutes, but does that feeling last? Not if we don’t have the foundation of happiness.

When your happiness comes from within everything seems better. You appreciate what you have and are grateful for the people in your life. You look for the positive and don’t dwell on the negative. No one is perfect and no two people are exactly alike. Each of us is different and that can help make life more interesting. If you focus on the negative you will find it.

So why do so many people walk around unhappy?
Guilt, anger, resentment and insecurities are just a few impairments that can stand in the way. However it is not your fault. We don’t learn the skills needed to clear the obstacles, which stop us from being happy.

In the book “Finding Sane Relationships in a Crazy World” you will find some helpful ways to free yourself from the baggage that is weighing you down. Identifying the blocks, which are hindering you from realizing your happiness and release them.
Once you do the work you will realize that you had the answer the entire time.

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