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Cherokee Nation Gen-Z Leadership program was a sucess
April 21, 2021|Blog

Cherokee Nation Gen-Z Leadership program was a sucess

At the completion of the six week program, the participants were asked to describe the course and this is what they said:

Inspiring/ Inspirational , Helpful/ Very helpful , Encouraging , Informative Empowering, Motivational Enlightening, Insightful , Great ,Amazing , Valuable  Eye-opening , Sensational ,Interesting ,Insightful , Leadership Awesome, Unique ,Powerful ,Educational,Thoughtful, Grateful, Reassuring ,Knowledgeable ,Grateful, Influential , Incredible , Revealing, Profound, Excellent, Resourceful, Ethical,Reinforcing, Uplifting, Refreshing, Affirming, Informational, Enriching, Proud, Important ,Relational, Astonishing, Fulfilling, Intrigued,Exciting, Astounding, Comforting, Resilience, Priceless, Beneficial, Intrigued, Informational, Excited, Important, Uplifting, Outstanding, Good, Confident, Informative, Exceptional ,Empowerment, Wisdom, Foundational, Osda, Experience, Community

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